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Creating investment opportunities to produce long-term value for key stakeholders. Our strength is in TECHNOLOGY and providing FLUID methodologies to acquire and dispose of those investments under management by THINKTANK VENTURES.

We develop and implement assorted software projects. Not only do we write code – we create solutions for complex business models.


We work closely with the management of the companies in which we are invested to ensure desired outcomes are achieved.


We prioritize investments in projects that have an international scope – or an ability to be replicated on an international basis.


International land investment, together with construction projects utilzing factory-direct supply forms our fast growing investment category

Invest with Confidence

THINKTANK VENTURES provides an investment structure that allows you the opportunity to weight your investments across multiple projects - each with with unique opportunities and associates risks, and yet retain full control over your investments by providing flexibility to increase or decrease holdings in specific projects at any time - by utilizing our internal trading boerse.
Smart. Strong. Scalable. Systematic. Sustainable.

Our principles in backing technology projects are based on their ability to align with our 5S standard. Projects that use smart technology, are resilient, are self-sustaining, are able to be scaled, and system-based capture our attention.

Our investment opportunities also span into real estate and land holdings. This asset-class often acts to balance risk in seed-stage or early investment-stage investments. Some projects have a structured real-estate component providing tangible asset-backing. Note specific projects for actual details.

Finally, our team works closely with actual operating structures to ensure desired outcomes are achieved. Our DEMO PROJECTS - GROUPBUY DIRECT and GO COUPON are prime examples of our ongoing participation in key projects.

  • Creating Opportunities

    We believe in challenging the status quo - by embracing disruptive technologies, and continuously applying forward-thinking to the diverse projects we embrace.

  • Managing Risk

    Investment options at seed stage, early stage, and formative stage provide the investor with clear options to manage risk.

  • Fluid Investments

    Investors have options to alter their investment holdings between projects at any time by utlizing our internal trading boarse.

  • Exit Strategy

    The end-strategy for investments under management normally consists of private sale, or public listing. We seek to maximize investor return.

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